Knowledge from research

Our understanding of science and technology accumulates piece by piece, when the researchers discover and reveal new findings from their persistent work. These findings are reported in the scientific publications.

PoRes Communication aims to share the findings from medical research publications by producing short and simplified, animated videos.

Popularising Research

Scientific publications

The scientific publications of the highest quality are peer-reviewed and published in the top journals. This complex publication process ensures the quality and accuracy of the results and the conclusions.

PoRes Communication translates the findings of biomedical research publications to an understandable and easily accessible video format.


The person behind th company is Annika Laakso, a biochemist who has worked with diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. She has done her PhD thesis for medical faculty studying whooping cough. Annika is also a mother of two boys, a wife of a cancer patient, a daughter of a family doctor and a child of two entrepreneurs.

Due to her work and family history, Annika is familiar with scientific texts and biomedical research as well as the patient perspective. She speaks and writes fluent Finnish and English, and she can simplify and visualise complicated issues. All these together make is possible for her to act as an interpreter between scientific texts and ordinary people. 

There is a need for research based information among the health care sector and the patients – but reading and understanding scientific research text is challenging for many.

Annika is willing to share her expertise to meet the needs and to overcome these challenges.

Knowledge from research

Research accumulates knowledge, and the knowledge should be shared to the people who would benefit from it. The clinicians and nurses are working under continuos pressure, the patients and their close-ones are craving for reliable information, and the research community is producing enormous amount of publications – they all benefit from the easy availability of the research findings.

The main findings of the research publications in a few minute videos – your valuable and limited time can be used for something else than searching the information.



PoRes Communication auttaa välittämään bio- ja lääketieteellistä tutkimustietoa yleistajuisesti.

PoRes Communication facilitates the popularization of the knowledge from bioscientific and medical research publications.

Popularising Research

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